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We Have Merchandise.


With the new Ray Decker Jr. Author site up and active, I have moved on to creating some new merch appropriate for anyone, be it a reader, writer, or fan. One of the things I am generally concerned about making merch is putting my trust in third-party manufacturers to build and ship the products. I am sure that comes with my need to be in control of everything with my name on it however, I am taking a leap of faith here and putting my trust in Printful.
Some background information, all general merchandise items are made outside the US but are stored in both the US & UK. I would like to sell Wilting: Dismay Edition & Finding Autumn with Printful through their Warehouse in the semi-near future. We will see... Maybe... 
So I wanted to make the merchandise relevant to my brand and as I continue to push more products, I will continue to maintain that standard.


With Love,

Ray Decker Jr