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The State of Rowland Press.


Though it has been a very tough choice, following the release of Finding Autumn this Fall, Rowland Press will be dissolved. This comes with a particularly heavy heart for me because at one point I saw Rowland Press being a gate way for many talented indie writers to have a positive publishing experience with other writers who have been in their position. However sad this may be, the truth is a publishing house can not survive on the word of family and friends.
Rowland Press was not short on supports. It was short on dedication. A publishing house simply can not survive on a single person, and to expect that of myself was, to put it plainly, a poor and toxic position to put myself in. The book sales of a single author of my caliber can not bring in the finances a company needs to thrive. I began seeing many people as unmotivated, unexcited, or simply lazy; when the truth was, I was putting a lot of pressure on them to get this company off the ground with me.
With all that being said, I will clarify, all other projects or ideas submitted to Rowland Press for review have been cancelled and removed from the Rowland Press cloud platform. Also, starting today all Rowland Press accounts have been closed. This includes the RowlandPress email:
Now I would like to take the time to thank the many supporters of the Rowland Press Publishing House. Your continued support is why I plan to continue my writing through traditional publishing means.


With Love,


Ray Decker Jr